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Interview with a Hero


I’ve heard a rumor that Adam Hunter, the hero of my October book, Montana Love Letter, has a secret. I had a chance to interview him recently so I thought I’d try to pry that secret out of him.

Char: I understand you’re an auto mechanic and own your own garage in Bear Lake, MT.

Adam: That’s right. I’m the best auto mechanic in all of western Montana and Idaho combined.

Char: Tell me about your family.

Adam: It’s just me and my daughter Hailey now. She’s ten years old. I lost my wife several years ago. But Hailey and me are getting along fine.

Char: I’m glad to hear that. I did hear there’s a new woman in your life.

Adam: Well, yeah, Janelle Townsend and her daughter Raeanne — she’s five and a cutie but she doesn’t talk much. Anyway, they showed up at my garage with a seriously busted car.

Char: Does Janelle figure out your secret?

Adam: Huh? I don’t have a secret. Why would you think that?

Char: I heard a rumor—

Adam: Never listen to rumors. They’re always wrong.

Char: I thought I’d give you a chance to clear things up.

Adam: Can we move on to another question now?

Char: I had promised the readers, but all right…Are Janelle and her daughter living with you?

Adam: Not exactly with me. There’s a granny house right next door. When Janelle arrived in town, there was a big country-western festival going on. There weren’t any rooms available. So Hailey invited Janelle and her daughter to stay in the granny house.

Char: That was very nice of Hailey.

Adam: Yeah, Hailey’s a great kid. She’s never met a stranger. Of course, I worry how I’m going to handle things when she gets to be a teenager. You know, as a single dad that’s a little scary.

Char: I completely understand. I was wondering, what good books have you read lately?

Adam: Um, it’s been nice talkin’ to you, but I gotta go fix a guy’s carburetor

.Char again. Well, Adam seems like a really nice guy. But I still haven’t figured out his secret. Have you?

Happy reading….


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