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Renee Andrews guest blogs

Renee Andrews’ book Love Reunited will be on bookshelves this week along my October Love Inspired, Montana Love Letter. I invited her to tell us about her touching story.

Love Reunited by Renee Andrews

 GUEST BLOG – Renee Andrews author of Love Reunited

A few years ago, I heard a story that broke my heart.  A young girl had been the most popular girl in school, her beauty (both inward and outward) stood out among the other girls in her small town.  Naturally, the most popular boy in school wanted to win her heart, but she wasn’t charmed by the guy.  She wasn’t consumed with his looks or his accomplishments; she only wanted to date someone she would marry, and he wasn’t the type she had in mind.  Her dismissal only made him try harder, and eventually he convinced her that he was, in fact, the type of guy she wanted to marry.  The girl gave him her heart, pledged her love and then married the high school star.  All was well in their marriage as long as he was married to what he considered a “perfect” girl.  But after they had children, she began to have problems with her sight.  Eventually, she went blind, and the disease that caused her blindness also took away the prettiness from her features.  He didn’t see the prize he’d fallen in love with, but a woman who needed someone to take care of her.  Seeing that it was more than he bargained for, he left her alone.  She never remarried and has since passed away.

What happened to “in sickness and in health”?  What  happened to the pledge of love that he made repeatedly when they were in high school?  He loved her…as long as everything was easy.  But when the storm came, he abandoned the ship.

And from that story, my premise for Love Reunited was born.  I wanted that lady to have her happy ending.  I wanted her to have the man that truly loved her, both inside and out, till they were parted by death.  In Love Reunited, Georgiana is charmed by Pete Wilson, but loved by Landon Cutter.  Pete has ruined her trust and trampled her heart, and Georgiana believes she isn’t worthy of anyone’s love.  Landon, however, has never stopped loving Georgiana.  He perseveres and is there during the storm and throughout her journey.  That is what I wish would have happened for the woman who inspired this story; however, I know she is happy now, she is healthy now…in Heaven. 

I hope that readers will find themselves rooting for Georgiana—and for Landon—the way I did when I wrote their story.

Char again…..isn’t that a wonderful story! I can’t wait to get the book in my hands to read it. I’m sure you feel the same way too.

Happy reading……..


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