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Talking about writing


  I love a chance to talk about writing. That makes last week a  particularly good one for me.

On Thursday I spoke to Las Vecinas, a Torrance Women’s Club that raises funds for local scholarships and supports area nonprofit organizations. What fun I had with the 90 or so members, sharing with them how I got started writing romance novels and some of the HUGE changes there have been in the publishing business in the past few years, from publishers consolidating to e-books and self-publishing.

They were also very kind to laugh at my standup comedy jokes. And, they bought lots of my books!

Thanks ladies!

Then on Saturday I had an opportunity to present a workshop to EVA, the East Valley Chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA). My topic was Plotting: Step-by-Step. The group of 20 published and unpublished authors were impressive, every one of them serious about learning the craft of writing. They also laughed at my jokes, which makes them terrific in my view.

Thanks EVA!

I had the added pleasure of having my high school debate coach, Millie Farnsworth (USC ‘48) as my guest as well as my fellow debater Marilee Buchany (Occidental ‘56). The three of us did lunch and talked, talked about the good ol’ days as well current issues. What fun!

Thanks friends!

The good news is that I get to repeat the experience by presenting the Plotting workshop on November 10th for the Yosemite Chapter of RWA, meeting in Fresno, CA.

I just can’t get enough of talking about writing. Except now I must get on with my own writing. Deadline looms….

Happy reading……



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