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Interview with a Hero



Nick Carbini showed up in Bear Lake, Montana one day with shaggy hair, a beard and a ragged-looking dog. I’m interested to know what he’s up to and why he is wearing an old Army jacket, so I interviewed him.

Char: What brings you to Bear Lake?

Nick: My pickup truck.

Char: No, I mean why did you chose to come to Bear Lake?

Nick: I didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Char: So you’re homeless?

Nick: Not exactly. I’ve got everything I need in my truck.

Char: (He’s not being very helpful, is he?) So where do you come from?

Nick: Pretty much all over.

Char: (I think I’ll try a different tact.) That’s a great looking dog you’ve got there. Where did you find him?

Nick: He sort of found me. I camped out at a rest stop somewhere in Colorado. No one was around except the dog and he looked pretty hungry. So I fed him.

Char: And you adopted him. What’s his name?

Nick: Rags. It’s more like he adopted me.

Char: Are you going to be staying long in Bear Lake?

Nick: Probably not. I like to keep moving.

Char: So you’re a drifter. Is there anything in Bear Lake that might make you want to stay a while?

Nick: (Long pause.) I saw a pretty woman chopping wood back behind the Pine Tree Diner. I might offer to help her out in trade for some scraps for Rags.

Char: That must be Alicia Machak. She and her mother own the diner. She has a nine-year-old son named Greg, who could sure use a dad.

Nick: Don’t look at me. I’m not going to be around that long and I’m sure not Daddy material.

Char: That’s too bad. Where will you go next?

Nick: Somewhere. Anywhere the nightmares don’t follow me.

Char: Nightmares? Tell me about those.

Nick: Sorry. That’s not something I want to talk about.

Unfortunately, Nick walked away before I could finish his interview. Maybe he’s going to go chop Alisa’s wood. Guess I’ll have to find out why he’s in Bear Lake and how long he’ll stay when I read Home to Montana.

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