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What I’m Reading – Home Front

Home Front by Kristin Hannah

Home Front by Kristin Hannah


It’s hard to beat Kristin Hannah’s emotional women’s fiction stories. Home Front is definitely a winner that induces more than a few tears.

It’s the story of a wife and mother of two young girls who is deployed to Iraq with her Army National Guard Unit. It’s heartbreaking to experience her emotions as she has to leave her children because of the commitment she has made to serve her country. Plus her marriage is falling apart and, oh yeah, it’s scary and dangerous over there.

We don’t see many stories of women at war or the impact the loss, separation and fear has on them. Or that women come home with PTSD just as our warrior men do.

In my March book, Home to Montana, Nick Carbini suffers from PTSD, so much so that he is fearful of staying in one place too long. Hannah’s Home Front is so powerfully written that it gives me new insight into what our soldiers are experiencing. It’s definitely a 5-Tear read!


Home to Montana, Love Inspired, available now

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