I suspect I was born a storyteller because I began telling stories before the third grade. A neighbor friend and I made up Bambi stories and acted them out. She was Bambi. I got to play the part of Thumper.

Within a couple of years, my friend moved away, but I kept telling myself stories. By now, of course, I’d started giving myself the starring roles.

Along about the seventh grade I realized other people didn’t have these little stories running around in their heads. That didn’t stop the stories revolving through my imagination, but I began to live in fear that someday I’d have to reveal my secret to a psychiatrist. (Fortunately, none have asked. So far.)

Imagine my relief when I joined Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and discovered a lot of other folks made up stories in their heads too. More recently I’ve joined the Faith, Hope and Love Chapter for inspirational authors.

During my twenty years in the business, I’ve been fortunate to have authored more than fifty books about love, romance and family.

Fortunately, the stories just keep coming. I sincerely hope you’ll keep reading.

I’m a frequent visitor to the Harlequin.com forums. Watch for my comments and writing tips.