Books by Charlotte Carter writing as CHARLOTTE MACLAY

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 A Little Bit Pregnant – Harlequin American 5-/98

Kristi finds herself falling in love with Michael Running Wolf O’Leary. Unfortunately, two hours she arrived in New Mexico, she had changed places with a stranger who didn’t mention she supposed to marry Michael……and was pregnant with triplets!

 5-Star Review







Stealing Samantha – Harlequin American 6/97

With secrets to hide, the only thing Samantha planned on stealing was Rogan Prescott’s heart.

3-Star Review







Deputy Daddy, Harlequin American,  8/99

She was alone, pregnant and couldn’t remember a thing!

Found wandering on the beach with a huge bump on her head, Marla’s only reality was her impending motherhood—and the man who’d rescued her. Strong, generous and to-die-for, Johnny Fuentes was any woman’s ideal mate—so who else could he be, but her husband?

Police Chief Johnny Fuentes was in deep trouble. On doctor’s orders, he would pretend he was Marla’s husband until her memories returned. But living as man and wife, with the birth of her child imminent, Johnny suddenly wanted the sham marriage to be a real one. But how could he claim this woman when the truth about her was still a mystery?







Daddy’s Little Cowgirl, Harlequin American, 3/99

Rancher Reed Drummond needed a wife quick if he wanted to be a daddy to a darling baby girl, so he persuaded the town spinster Ann Forrester to be his temporary bride—and lover. Reed told himself he didn’t need a permanent wife, but one night in Ann’s bed and Reed was hooked! Ann’s touch drove him wild, and she was much better at being a wife and mother than he’d ever expected.

Trouble was, he’d always thought the baby was all the family he needed. Now that he knew he needed Ann, would she agree to take on one stubborn cowboy and his baby—forever?







The Hog Tied Groom, Harlequin American, 8/98

Rancher Charity Arden had steeled herself to attend her high-school beau Garrett Keeley’s wedding when she got a surprise houseguest. Her brother had captured the wordly groom and shackled him to Charity!

Three sensual days with the man she’s always loved…three intimate nights in a bed barely big enough for one….

Then Charity came to her senses. She had to get rid of Garrett before he figured out that the result of that star-studded night they’d once shared was now eight years old—and wanted a father!

 5-Star Review – You will enjoy the humor and the romance — and maybe even laugh out loud at Rambo the lovably funny hog.







Accidental Roommates, Love & Laughter, 9/97

At twenty-eight, getting down and dirty should be real simple—except if you’re a good girl from an excruciatingly small town. Why, Hannah Jansen even lives with her father and helps him run the local hardware store! She’s sick to death of being wholesome and dependable.

When her hotel mixes up her reservations and puts her in the same room as sexy rancher Holt Janson, Hannah considers her options. Here she is footloose and fancy-free in the big city. And fate has given her an honest-to-goodness sex symbol for a roommate. Thank you!

Except, Holt decides to be responsible and not seduce her. Great, just great.

There was only one answer. Hannah Jansen needed to become a bad girl….

4-Star Review – This book was about a girl who falls in love with this cowboy guy. It’s really funny but it is also really sweet. you should read it.







Only Bachelors Need Apply, Silhouette Romance, 8/97

Single mom Joanna Greer knew all the “mommy” tricks: kiss boo-boos, fix three squares a day…fuss, fuss, fuss. But when it came to acting as a father figure to her young son, she was desperately at a loss….

Then littleTylerstaked his claim on the handsome bachelor next door.

Kris Slavik didn’t know the first thing about fatherhood. His upbringing had been short on hugs, but long on expectations. Well, he’d earned his millions…several times over. Problem was, he had no one to share it with. Until a rambunctious kid and his beautiful mom had him tossing around footballs—and sizing very big diamond rings….

Courting Cupid, Love & Laughter,

Career-driven Blake Donovan planned to score big time at the annual management retreat and become the new V.P.

Then Eloise Periwinkle blew into the retreat on a breeze, knocking Blake right out of his polished wing tips. Who was this sweet, bumbling uninhibited beauty? And why was she playing Cupid for him and Margaret, his rival for the top job?

Suddenly Blake was a lovesick fool—for Eloise. She, however, was convinced she was the wrong woman for him.

But when Cupid strikes, even the most unlikely opposites can find their own happily ever after.

 5-Star Review – This book is as cute as Charlotte Maclay’s take on Cupids and love. I would recommend this book for some good, simple, comedy enjoyment.







Expecting at Christmas, Harlequin Silhouette Romance, 12/99

When lovely Loretta Santana signed on as Griffin Jones’s temporary butler, the wealthy playboy discovered he suddenly had a few unexpected problems. One: his petite new butler was a she. Two: she was pregnant. Three: she was eight months pregnant and soon to be a single mom….

All Loretta had wanted was to earn a month’s fair wages before her Christmas delivery arrived—until she fell for her debonair employer’s considerable charms. And it didn’t help that the wedding-wary bachelor’s protective instincts lurched into overdrive—but could Loretta convince the acting daddy-to-be to take on that role for a lifetime?





Bewitching Bachelor, Harlequin American

Julianne Olson had heard rumors of ghosts walking the halls of her grandmother’s Alpine castle. She shrugged them off…until the very real Erich Langlois woke her one night. He was dark and dangerous, sexier than any man she’d ever known. But what was he doing in her bedroom?

If the townspeople were to be believed, witchcraft ran in the Langlois family. As skeptical as she was, Julianne had to admit that when she was under the spell of Erich’s burning gaze, she could deny him nothing…even when she learned that he meant to claim the castle—and her—as his own.

 5-Star Review – Alicia E. Flores







Catching a Daddy, Harlequin American 1/98

 “Daddy, can we keep her?” Drake Hart was expecting a slow day of fishing with his little son, Matt, when he came across a beautiful blonde named Aria. She sang like an angel and looked like one, too—which was easy to see since she wasn’t wearing a stitch!

Drake wanted nothing more than to keep Aria—warm and safe…and preferably wrapped in his arms. But the handsome fisherman had spent his whole life avoiding women with agendas—and Aria had a doozy…. She insisted that she had to be pregnant before the next full moon. And that Drake was the man for the job!







The Littlest Angel, Harlequin American,  12/96

All little angels had to be home for Christmas. And since Angelica Rhoades had no parents, St. Peter promised she could pick out her own. She chose Lucky and Pamela…

Lucky O’Toole wasn’t sure how his car careened into the lawn nativity, complete with a real girl in a lopsided halo. Dr. Pamela Jones found nothing wrong with little Angelica—until the child referred to her and the strange man as “Mommy and Daddy.” Her and Lucky? Why, anyone could see they weren’t a match made in heaven!

Angelica had her work cut out for her. How was she ever going to get them to make a family—and in time for Christmas?







Wanted: A Dad to Brag About – Harlequin American 8/96

Everything about him looked the same, but the man standing before her couldn’t be more different than the Dean Weylin who walked out on her nine years ago. Then, Sunny McCloud truly believed there wasn’t a chance in hell she’d ever see him again. Now, suddenly, here he was. Handsome and rugged as ever. Too bad his memory was gone, because they had made some beautiful ones together…two of which were named Howie and Danny.