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Montana Wrangler – Bear Lake, Montana……..Coming Soon!   

Love Inspired – 7/2013 

With a high-flying career in the big city,  Paige Barclay rarely finds her way back to the homestead in Bear Lake, Montana. But then  a terrible accident leaves Paige in charge of her orphaned nephew. She’s prepared to take Bryan back to Seattle, far from the home he loves. Wrangler Jay Red Elk loves Bryan like a son and knows the boy belongs in Montana. He won’t let Bryan go without a fight. But as Paige grows closer to the handsome, determined cowboy, she begins to wonder whether she, too, belongs here—in Bear Lake by Jay’s side.




 Available in print and ebook format





Home to Montana – Bear Lake, Montana

Love Inspired – 3/2013

Staying in one place was never Nick Carbini’s plan. When his troubled past leads him to Bear Lake, Montana, Alisa Machak makes him think about putting down roots. Alisa doesn’t have a problem with Nick working at her diner, but when he starts edging into her heart, she has to draw a line. He reminds her too much of her son’s father, another drifter who abandoned them both. Nick wishes he could be there for him, but believes he’s not fit to be a husband. When his worst nightmare comes true, it’s up to Alisa to show him the perfect recipe for a forever romance.






Montana Love Letter – Bear Lake, Montana

Love Inspired – 10/2012

A fresh start for her troubled daughter — that’s what widow Janelle Townsend wants to find in Bear Lake, Montana. The five-year-old girl hasn’t spoken a word in months. But when the family of two meets widower Adam Hunter and his kind daughter, Janelle’s child begin to blossom. Still, the handsome auto mechanic keeps Janelle at arm’s length. He seems to be hiding something painful—something he can’t bare to share. Perhaps their two sweet daughters can help Janelle to show him opening that the heart to love is life’s greatest joy.

Bear Lake, Montana is a small town in the shadow of Glacier National Park. Soaring mountains and a lake that promises good fishing provide the background for heartwarming stories of love and family. Everyone takes their cars to Adam Hunter at the Bear Lake Garage for repair. Locals hang out at the Pine Tree Diner where the specialties are homemade pies, authentic Czech dishes and buffalo burgers. And everyone is welcome at Bear Lake Community Church.

 “…Carter’s characters have great rapport, her scenes are beautifully described and Adam’s (secret) is obviously well researched and realistically portrayed.” - Romantic Times






Big Sky Family – Potter Creek, Montana   

Love Inspired – 11/2011

Single mom Ellie James has return to Montana for a fresh start and new job. She sure could use the support of hometown rancher Arnie O’Brien. But this cowboy still holds a grudge from when Ellie left him behind eight years ago. Can Arnie trust God’s plan and take a chance on the girl that got away?

 - Romantic Times



Big Sky Reunion – Potter Creek, Montana

Love Inspired – 5/2011 

Back in Potter Creek, Melinda Spencer to help her ailing aunt, Melinda Spencer reopens I Aunt Martha’s knitting shop. She never expected to encounter stubborn rancher Daniel O’Brien again. But how can she talk about her painful past when Daniel can barely talk about his own? With love – and the Lord’s guidance – this reunion just might last forever.

 “…a touching story with characters you’ll love.” – Kym McNabney







Montana Hearts – Sweet Grass Valley, Montana   

Love Inspired – 12/2010 

Heart transplant recipient Sarah Barkley has come to Sweet Grass Valley to secretly help the family of the woman whose heart saved her life. And with two motherless children and sprawling ranch, Kurt Ryder could sure use some support. Falling for the rugged rancher is an unexpected complication. Does Kurt want Sarah for herself—or because of her connection to the past? Her heart brought her to Sweet Grass Valley, but only love—and a leap of faith—will make it her home.

Reviews – “This is a heart-achingly poignant story that has many bright spots and an abundance of love.” Susan Mobley Romantic Times – 4-Star Review






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